Art Basel 2000 and twelver.
I set out to Miami with one thing in mind; FUN. I often allow the technicality of a piece over shadow the fun i set out to have in the first place. So this year i decided the hell with it. Im gonna paint shit that is fun and makes me laugh. It may not be the cleanest or the most complicated but dam it Im gonna enjoy the hell out of it and NONE of it is gonna ever feel like work; even though at the end of the day ill be ready to collapse and die until the ‘morrow son!
Prior to the Trip Kems and i had been referring to the squad as team dysfunction and with that in mind i set about my first wall illustrating the squad mixing metaphors and making shit up.
We linked up with Europes Good Time Ambassador Tiws and, Thanks to Miss Reds Am7 for the spot; we set about doing a parking lot with a few different walls in it. Since i was planning on fun with an unknown outcome i elected to let Tiws, Preys, Kems, Enue and gorey roll on the larger wall and i sequestered myself off in the corner to fart around.

Next up was the retaining wall to a cement factory. Panik from Miami lined this one up. DUDE is  trooper he had broken some fingers and had his cast removed that morning to come out and rock with us then he was going back to the doctor to get the cast put back on.
This wall was in trap ville, across the street from a flop’n’squat lot, where zombies were mean leaning all day and young attractive ladies were going in and out fixing up to hit the track. This is the part of America and the world that is pretty devastating to see in person. Trap life might sell record units but living aint no walk in the park; shits hard living.
the entire wall lined up was tough, preys, kems, panik, Rath, Backs (ma), Grabs FDC, Tubs, Rekal and some others im spacing out on (sorry fellas).


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